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Forewarn – A Member Benefit for Lakeland REALTORS®

Lakeland REALTORS® is thrilled to announce a new Member Benefit – FOREWARN PROACTIVE SAFETY AND LEAD INTELLIGENCE service for all members! 

FOREWARN brings intelligence to the real estate industry through innovative solutions to help ensure safer engagements and smarter interactions.  

The FOREWARN application gives an agent the ability to gain instant insight (within seconds) on a prospective client using only a phone number!  Don’t have a phone number… you can also search by name.  

Instantly verify:

Verifying your prospects in FOREWARN is not only critical for your personal safety and efficiency, but also a benefit to your listing homeowners, providing an added layer of protection for their homes and families.

Setting Up Your Free FOREWARN Account:

As a Lakeland REALTORS® member, setting up your complimentary FOREWARN account is quick and easy!

  1. Click here and enter your email address when prompted to do so (be sure to use the same email address that this email was sent to as it will serve as your FOREWARN ‘Username’).

Click here from your mobile device for iOS / Apple / iPhone / iPad app 

Click here from your mobile device for Android app 

Searching FOREWARN in Seconds


Please note that you must limit your FOREWARN searches to professional uses only. FOREWARN is only to be used for verifying inbound prospects that have initiated the interaction, such as when a buyer, or seller themselves have initiated a request for information or service. FOREWARN cannot be used to verify information for outbound marketing efforts. FOREWARN activity is actively monitored (search terms and volume) to ensure proper use by our Subscribers as outlined in the Subscriber Agreement and the FOREWARN Terms and Conditions.  FOREWARN is a powerful tool intended for the increased safety and efficiency of your business. Proper use of the service by real estate professionals ensures that we can continue to provide this valuable tool to the industry.

For a brief video introduction and tutorial on FOREWARN, you can also click here

FOREWARN Customer Support

If you experience any difficulty setting up your password or logging into FOREWARN, please reach out to FOREWARN support at 561-757-4551 or (Monday – Friday; 9AM-5PM ET).