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Forewarn – A Member Benefit for Florida REALTORS® Members

Use Forewarn on your phone or desktop to learn the background of the person calling you — and ensure your safety.

New Benefit Available January 3, 2024 to Florida Realtors® Members! 

Forewarn®, a service that lets you determine if a prospective customer poses a safety risk WITHIN SECONDS, will be available soon FREE to all 238,000 Florida Realtors® members.

Available both online and through a mobile application, Forewarn analyzes billions of data points and provides users with the ability to mitigate risks by verifying identities and validating information provided by potential clients – using just a phone number. Its services enable real estate agents to plan for showings with a higher level of confidence.

FOREWARN brings intelligence to the real estate industry through innovative solutions to help ensure safer engagements and smarter interactions.  

The FOREWARN application gives an agent the ability to gain instant insight (within seconds) on a prospective client using only a phone number!  Don’t have a phone number… you can also search by name.  

Instantly verify:

Verifying your prospects in FOREWARN is not only critical for your personal safety and efficiency, but also a benefit to your listing homeowners, providing an added layer of protection for their homes and families.