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Lakeland REALTORS® relies heavily on the expertise of our members in leadership positions to ensure that the Association is running as efficiently as possible and pursuing meaningful initiatives. Below is a list of current LAR leadership volunteer opportunities.

Standing Committees: Standing Committees are established in the Association’s Bylaws. Only REALTOR® members may serve on standing committees.

Grievance Committee: Comprised of REALTOR® members the Grievance Committee is charged with reviewing ethics complaints and arbitration requests. The Grievance Committee acts as a “Grand Jury”. The Committee determines if a hearing is warranted. Members of the Grievance Committee must complete a Professional Standards Workshop every year to be qualified to serve on the Committee.

Finance Committee: The Finance Committee is charged with recommending an annual budget to the Board of Directors as well as making recommendations regarding investments.  The Association’s Treasurer serves as the Chair of the Finance Committee. 

Professional Standards Committee.  Comprised of REALTORS®, the Professional Standards Committee serve as members of the Hearing Panel in both Ethics and Arbitration cases. Members of the Professional Standards Committee must complete a Professional Standards Workshop every year to be qualified to serve on the Committee.

Regular Committees: Both REALTORS® and Preferred Business Partner members may serve on regular committees.

Community Service Committee: Plans projects beneficial to the community to create and maintain a positive public image for Lakeland REALTORS® and its members. 

Global Committee: The Global Committee seeks to educate REALTORS® regarding global real estate transactions, dealing with foreign nationals and understanding the cultural issues that are an important part of working with global buyers and sellers.

Preferred Business Partner Committee: The Committee’s purpose is to strengthen the Affiliate/REALTOR® relationship.

Public Policy Committee: Charged with keeping abreast of issues of importance to the members and the industry, monitors ordinances and legislation; keeps members aware of actions affecting the real estate industry, and interviewing candidates on an as needed basis for possible endorsement.

RPAC: Working in conjunction with Public Policy, the RPAC Committee’s major goal is to encourage members to contribute to RPAC and to become involved in the political process; arranges fundraising activities; promotes a positive political agenda at the Local, State and National levels.

YPN Committee; The YPN Committee is a valuable resource for those who wish to build relationships with peers, advance their careers and make a difference in their industry, community and professional association. Although called the “Young Professionals Network, YPN is open to all LAR members.

Advisory Councils and Task Forces:

Commercial Council: The Commercial Council meets quarterly to discuss issues of concern to commercial members. Meetings are open to all members. 

Education Advisory Council: Meets quarterly to share information regarding the current educational needs of REALTOR® members so that the association’s education offerings are needs based and timely. Open to REALTOR® member only. 

Small Brokers Council: Membership in the Council is limited to brokers with between 1 and 30 agents in their office.  The Council meets quarterly to discuss topics of concern. Open to REALTOR® members only.

Golf Tournament Task Force: Meets as needed to plan for the annual Charity Golf Tournament. They also recommend the charity to receive the proceeds of the tournament to the Board of Directors. Open to all members.

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