Lakeland Board Of Realtors
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Lakeland REALTORS® Centennial Celebration

Lakeland REALTORS® has been serving our members and community for 100 years!! Throughout 2023, we will celebrate the accomplishments of our association and the significant impact our members have had in our communities!! We will recognize our milestones, honor our past leaders, and continue to make a difference in our communities through our 100 Acts of Service. Our beautiful celebratory logo honors our past, and we will be taking a special look back throughout this year. Follow along in 2023 as we celebrate our centennial anniversary! Happy Anniversary!!!

Mark Your Calendar for the Centennial Gala

The Lakeland REALTORS® Centennial Gala will take place on Saturday, April 15 at Bonnet Springs Park. Mark your calendar for this very special occasion! If you are interested in sponsoring the Gala event, click below.