Membership FAQs

Change Email Address/Phone Number/Re Subscribe to Emails

To change your email address click the Member Login button to login and update your personal information. Your Logon ID is your NRDS number. Your default password is your last name. (We recommend that you change your password immediately after logging in by clicking on “Personal Information”.)

Re Subscribe to Lakeland REALTORS® Emails if you have Opted Out– Click here and enter your information


Letter of Good Standing Requests

Members transferring to another REALTOR® association may request a Letter of Good Standing from the Lakeland REALTORS® office to submit to the other association they are joining. The purpose of the letter is to provide proof of any State, Local or National dues a member has paid through the Lakeland REALTORS® office.. Requests must be in writing. Forward the following to

  • Member’s name
  • NRDS #
  • Fax number/Email Address where they would like the letter sent.

Members may only be given a letter of good standing if they have no outstanding invoices with Lakeland REALTORS®.

Licensing Issues

Any licensing issue should be directed to the Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation (DBPR). Contact them at: 1-850-487-1395 or

Orientation (Mandatory)

All applicants applying for REALTOR® membership for the first time shall not be declared elected to membership unless and until the applicant attends and completes the following:
1) Lakeland REALTORS® New Member Orientation program

2) Code of Ethics Click here

Suspended Membership

If dues, fees, fines or other assessments, including amounts owed to Lakeland REALTORS®/ MLS, are not paid by the due date, the non-paying Member shall be subject to suspension by the Membership Department. You may make your payment online. Please note, it may take up to 3 business days for your access to be restored.

Termination of Membership by Lakeland REALTORS®

If dues, fees, fines, or other assessments including amounts owed to Lakeland REALTORS® are not paid within 90 days after the due date, the membership of the non-paying Member shall automatically terminate.

Transfer Offices

In order to transfer from one office to another, you will need to have your license activated with your new Broker. Once you have completed this you may email your request to providing your NRDS #, New Firm Name, and any changes to your personal information. Please note there is a $50 transfer fee that may be paid online or by phone after the transfer has been completed. (payments are due with 24 hours)

Lakeland REALTORS® Store

We currently offer some items in our REALTOR® store for purchase (non members pay higher price)
Some items include: signs, riders, brochure boxes etc.

Mediation Services

We offer Mediation Services


To submit a Brokers Open please CLICK HERE for instructions on how to submit into Matrix.